HNM Semmelweis Museum


HNM Semmelweiss Museum, Library and Archives of Medical History

The Semmelweis Museum is one of the hidden treasures of the city. It is located in the house where Ignác Semmelweis, known as the saviour of mothers, was born. The museum owns a collection both unique and significant even in international comparison and conducts serious academic and educational activities. Its distinct value lies in its capability to combine history and art through an important and exciting slice of the past.

The permanent exhibition (Pictures of the Past of the Healing Arts) presents an overview of the history of medicine and pharmacy from ancient times up to the 20th century. The main message of the exhibition is that medicine cannot be properly understood without the realising the changing social positions of healers and doctors, society's attitude towards health, hygiene and death and the various cultures that produced medicine throughout history. The exhibition guides through the development of medical thought and practice as well as the rise of pharmacy by presenting tools of surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry, obstetrics, medical chemistry, etc. and displaying a fine selection of ceramic apothecary jars and illustrations of illnesses, healing and death.  Beside the permanent exhibition one or two temporary exhibitions are organised each year.

A short walk to the Buda Castle leads to the „Golden Eagle" Pharmacy Museum located in one of the main street, Tárnok utca. Its exhibition presents the history of renaissance and baroque pharmacy. Through the tiny door the visitor enters an antique pharmacy and can view the setting of an alchemist laboratory.

Those who are more deeply interested in the history of medicine can visit our public library the Semmelweis Library and Archives in Török utca. The Library has a collection of over 140,000 relevant books, prints and journals.