Munkácsy Mihály Museum

Munkácsy Mihály Múzeum
Munkácsy Mihály Múzeum
Munkácsy Mihály: Zongoralecke/ Interiour
Munkácsy Mihály: Szulimán Ákos
Munkácsy Mihályról készült fénykép 1896-ból
Az Ásító inas című festmény fotója
Galium odoratum (L) Scop (Szagos müge)
Butélia "Butela"
The mission of the Mihály Munkácsy Museum are explore, collect and work up what are 
cultural values, especially the heritage of the Mihály Munkácsy museum and the nationalities 
which lives in this county and ties to Békéscsaba and Békés county.
The ancestor of this institution was created the Békéscsaba's Museum association.
The Museum association established in 1899 november 25 th. This Museum association has 
laid the basis of this collection, and brought up suitable specialists, over and above built up the Public community center what give to place the Museum in the fifteen years of it's operation.
The museum-library-atelier-public education four-functions provides for the institution what has been inagurated in 1914. 
Also now this building give to home this museum, what take on his name Mihály Munkácsy, he was a painter who lived his childhood in Békéscsaba, and who lived in 1844-1890. 
The collection of the Mihály Munkácsy Museum involved in the archeology, ethnography, historical, fine arts material collections.
The Establishment outstanding Joint work of art consists of paintings and relics which name is Munkácsy Mihály collection, which base's make up what the art objects were got to this collection according to the painter's widow in the beginning of the 1930 years.    
The material of the fine arts especially expands with the coeval fine arts creations.
The Museum took for the Tibor Jankay Arts Foundation the Tibor Jankay's fine arts and ethnographic collection and also took the Kolozsváry and Tevan families member's creation's. 
The natural sciences collection consists of bird's eggs, entomological, botanically and malacological  collection units and consists of Bird Preparations.  
The Archeological age, Conquest age, Scythian age, Celtic age, Avar age and Bronze age artifacts continuously add on to this museum.
The major part of the ethnological material represents to the 
traditional Slovak culture, but also can be found the Hungarian, Serbian and Romanian communities cultural artifacts monuments memories in the collection. 
The historical department guards mainly consists of specific documents, maps, archive photos historical and literary historical manuscripts and subject memories which are from Békéscsaba and surroundings of Békéscsaba.
The Mihály Munkácsy Museum has got large-scale and significant archive and document photo collection, and has a discipline archival materials. The library of this museum has got more than professional books and reviews. 
The Mihály Munkácsy's Museum current image has won with the new perpetual exhibitions what has started after the complete reconstruction has implementationed of this with the European Union sources.   
The Mihály Munkácsy's Museum trying to enriched to knowledge of the audience with the permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibits, what has one part of the what is csabai series.   
The institute put a great emphasis on that build up the visitor-friendly environment, with the varied general education programmes, and waits of the visitors with the museum pedagogy tasks and with the correspondent science popularizations.